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Ten Years of the Tree


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There is in this city a unique tree. Sixty one feet tall and on the banks of the Cedar River, it shines in the sun. It is ten years old this year. It is the Tree of Five Seasons

Cedar Rapids is the City of Five Seasons. We have the regular four and then we have a Fifth Season. That is the extra time that comes from a life of pragmatic scheduling. It is time to enjoy life.

To symbolize this extra season, we have the Tree. It is stainless steel. Barring some catastrophe, the Tree will stand till the Cedar River erodes away about forty feet of bank on its east side. That should take a few years. It was paid for with private funds, not tax dollars.

We have a pretty good life here in Cedar Rapids. Unemployment is low. Crime is low. The schools are great. There?s green everywhere. Iowa?s third largest, post-secondary school (Kirkwood Community College) is located here. There are several private colleges as well; I?m about to graduate from one. Our technology is high. We are the second largest city in the state of Iowa. Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the city (here).

The ten year anniversary of the Tree probably doesn?t mean much to folks from elsewhere. This is, however, my home. My heart still races as I drive over the Five In One Dam and see that Shining Tree.

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