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Projector Phone Predictions


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The cell phone market has seen all sorts of development in the past decade. You may have seen the commercial for the new Projector Phone that can connect to the Internet and project video. I understand it can also make phone calls. All of this leads to an obvious next step.

Since it is almost impossible to get a cell phone without a camera built in, we will finally have video phones. You will be able to view the person to whom you are speaking while they look at you. Won't that be exciting? All those telecommuters will have to put clothes on. Come to think of it, so will you.

The hard part is that projectors must project onto something. That means that during the first of projector phones there will also be a flood of portable screen devices. Most of these will probably be silvery plastic rolled up like an old window shade and attached to thick wires. There will be tabletop versions, hang-able versions, and types that attach to the phone itself. They will be really cool right up until the novelty runs out.

If you need a legitimate use for the projector, imagine that you are out and about and your boss needs you to take a look at a spreadsheet while discussing something with you. It would be really cool if you could see a projection of the boss' computer desktop. Of course, the primary use for the projector will be sharing videos from YouTube.

If it catches on, we would need to change things up a bit. For regular viewing, the best bet would be video glasses connected by Bluetooth. That would be much less obnoxious than people running around with screens. The downside would be the number of people watching video while driving.

The other alternative will require that we have holographic projectors. There is always research being done along this line, but they are still a major breakthrough away. Most of the delay comes from the fact that the porn industry hasn't thrown its resources into it. Still, once we have holographic projection, they will be quickly added to cell phones.

Those are my predictions for cell phones with projectors. They seem likely. Do you have any thoughts? If so, leave them in the comments.

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