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Same Sex Marriage Revisited


Category: politics

The Supreme Court stated that it would not interfere in the matter of same sex marriage in Massachusetts. Regardless of your opinion on homosexuality and same sex marriage, you must see this as a good decision.

Without getting into arguments about gay marriage, this decision is good because the Supreme Court has specifically stayed out of a state level issue. They had the backbone and good sense to say it's none of their business. Given the number of people who think the federal government should be involved in everything, this decision is a good reminder that some in power can still be reasonable.

There is nothing in the Constitution regarding homosexuals. However, the Constitution does say that any power not specifically given to the federal government is the domain of the states (See the Tenth Amendment). Too often, this little detail gets overlooked.

I know President Bush opposes same sex marriage. He's welcome to his opinion, just like everyone else. That doesn't give him the authority to affect any of this. It is in the states' power to make those decisions. If anyone from the federal government tries to interfere, that person is trying to violate the Constitution and that makes him or her a traitor. Do we still hang traitors? Hmm?

Anyway, the Supreme Court did a good thing by stepping up and acknowledging that it's not their place to interfere. Bravo.

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