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LibertyBob Advises Ahmadinejad


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With all the chaos in Iran, there is great concern over who will win and how violent it may become. Ahmadinejad has obviously been reading for quite some time and now he has taken my advice. He is using the power of the Internet to confuse and pacify his enemies.

Granted, I originally gave the advice to the Bush administration and they ignored it completely. The idea is simple; take advantage of both technology and all the things we learn from marketing and apply it to getting the world to "buy" your goals.

The United States has some of the greatest marketing minds in the world. Unfortunately we are far too disorganized to make use of these strengths. If we weren't, long ago we would have convinced the Iranian people that their real foe was a kingdom of mole people who are after the oil and that their only hope was for us to come in and take the oil away. It's ok because we like them so we wouldn't charge them much for that service. Yes, marketing can be powerful.

Now Ahmadinejad is using Twitter and other Internet technologies to pass along various messages with a strong marketing bent. His side passes along messages about how his opponents have given up. They claim all sorts of things that will cause his enemies to lose cohesion and strength. His opponents should be happy that it isn't someone like Saddam Hussein doing this because he would have arranged a flash mob near a freshly dug mass grave.

Now that we've seen this power in practice, and now that we have a new administration, maybe we will have a chance to bring this awesome power into play. Done properly, this power can have us all living blissfully ignorant lives in no time. If you think that sounds pleasant and relaxing, it does. So go out now and do what LibertyBob tells you to do; it will make your life better.

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