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VP Debate


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I saw the VP debate last night. It was fairly entertaining. In my neutral opinion, Cheney was the victor. He kept his cool and answered the questions. Edwards, however, always seemed to be pushing his responses toward party catch phrases rather than using simple answers. One line stood out in particular.

Cheney pointed out that he is the president pro tem of the senate. He also said that the night of the debates was the first time he had met Edwards. (The Democrats have a response which I?ll discuss below.) This single statement by a Cheney, who already was presenting himself in a professional manner, suggested that Edwards was a pompous young pup who needed to be smacked with a rolled up newspaper. If we were talking cage match, that line would have put Edwards? head on a pole.

The Democrats have countered, though ineffectively. They have brought forth a photo of Cheney meeting Edwards at some function well before the debate. They say that picture shows that Cheney was lying, or at least wrong. That?s the wrong stance for the Democrats to take. They should have down played the comment and focused on Edwards? strengths. Instead they have brought out a photo and said, ?See, Mr. Cheney, you have met John Edwards before and he was just so inconsequential that you don?t remember it.?

Throughout this whole campaign, I have felt genuinely embarrassed for Kerry and Edwards because of their support staff. The campaign staff has consistently done reactionary and retarded things. There are plenty of legitimate complaints against Bush yet the Democrats keep using exaggerated or wrong complaints. There are easy responses to some of the Republican attacks, but Kerry?s people can?t handle the simple responses. It's like they?ve all been gnawing on the same lead based paint.

I always prefer to see the country led by competent people. It would be nice if each party would put up their most capable candidate and then supported him or her with an intelligent staff. For the most part, I haven?t seen that in this election. Come to think of it, I didn?t see much of it in the last election either. I can only infer from this that the country is doomed.

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