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Sympathies to the People of London


Category: politics

My sympathies go out to the people of London. If you haven?t heard, what appears to be a coordinated attack on the public transit system in London has left many people dead or injured. Subway (tube) and at least one bus have been blown up.

There?s no word yet (as of the time of this writing) about who did it. One likely possibility is people against the G8 meeting in Scotland. (Those who hate the G8 meeting are notoriously stupid. They oppose aid to Africa because they heard that Africa has too much aids.)

Strike that last paragraph. It seems that an I.N.G (Islamic Nut Group) has claimed to be responsible. The same group claims that other countries are next, particularly Denmark and Italy. No word yet about why France isn?t on their list.

Let?s show our support for our British allies. Let?s find the people who are responsible and feed them to the pigs. Let?s destroy Wahabism, al Qaeda, and anyone who supplies or supports them. (A quick note to Syria, Pakistan, Morocco, and Algeria: We had better not find out that you have been supporting these thugs or we?ll make a glowing example of you.)

It is a sad and infuriating day.

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