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Another Chicagoan Murder


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On June 30, 2009, the Cedar Rapids Gazette1 ran a story about a murder in our quite town. The focus of the piece is that the police are having a hard time getting to the truth of the matter because witnesses are being uncooperative. Why are they being uncooperative? They have no local addresses and are from Chicago.

That's right; these people come from that terrorist state known as Chicago, Illinois. At least the victim is also a Chicagoan. Everyone generally assumes the murderer is also.

This is just another example of Chicago's waste moving to Cedar Rapids for cheap housing and bringing their filth with them. This problem started some time ago and is getting worse. This must stop.

We will start with the Chicagoan Registration Act. All persons from the Chicago metropolitan area should not be allowed to travel without proper travel visas. The visas should specify the reason for the travel. If we catch a Chicagoan without their visa or outside the activity listed on the visa, we will prosecute them immediately.

Chicago needs cleaned up. The military must move in and establish order. There must be curfews to prevent evening activity. All Chicagoans must have ID with DNA and other biometric data. All their children must attend Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps to be taught discipline and social responsibility. If the Chicagoans don't like it, maybe they should start cooperating with the cops and narking on their neighbors.

If this threat continues to spread, the surrounding states will have no choice but to act. We will be forced to set up border gates. If that doesn't do, our Guard units will be forced to raze the city to the ground and plant corn over the top of it. This Chicagoan criminal activity must come to an end.

1) Adam Belz, Jeff Raasch "Witness problems delay answers in fatal C.R. apartment shooting"
     The Gazette 30 Jun. 2009 A1

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