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All the Candidates


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There was a question earlier about just who the other Presidential Candidates are in Iowa (thanks to Norman at Espresso Sarcasm). A quick look at the Iowa Secretary of State website shows that these are the candidates we have so far.

Of course we have Bush and Kerry. That's kind of obvious, though it would be funny if one of them didn't get his paperwork in properly and couldn't get on the ballot.

The Iowa Green Party has David Cobb. The Libertarians have Michael Badnarik the Constitutional scholar. The Socialist Workers Party has put forth Michael Harris. The Constitution Party has nominated Michael Anthony Peroutka. Now, Nader has gotten on the ballot as an Independent. The Anarchists haven't yet gotten organized enough to front a candidate.

In our last election, there was a hotly contested gubernatorial race. That brought voters out in record numbers. In an effort to keep a major candidate out, they tended to vote for the other major party. That meant fewer votes for third party candidates. I'm expecting the same thing to happen this time. (In that election it really bugged me because, though I still got a good number of votes, my percentages were very low. That meant I couldn't brag when talking to friends who've also run for office.)

Hopefully, that will be the last of the candidates. If we get too many more we become a Californian Gubernatorial Race.

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