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Democrats Destroy Forest


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For more than a month now, I have been receiving political fliers in my mail. They are typically huge in size, printed on heavy stock, and not very useful. Since I assume that other people are receiving them as well, it must take an entire forest worth of trees to print these things. The surprising thing is that, with only a few exceptions, they all come from the Democrat Party.

No really, it's true. The Democrat Party, the party that claims to be the most ecologically friendly of the parties, has been destroying forests worth of trees to send out campaign mailings. Does this signal a change of attitude among the liberals?

Then, of course, there is the other part. If you look at these mailings, they all carry the mark of the union printers. The Democrats have a rather strict rule that all their printing should be done in union shops. Union workers cost more and only larger shops can afford this burden. Small shops set up by struggling entrepreneurs cannot afford to pay the high wages demanded by union workers. This shows that the Democrat Party is the party of Big Business, the only people who can afford the cost of unions.

Yep, it looks like things are turning around. Next thing you know, the Democrats will be closely tied to the Industrial Military Complex. They will instigate a draft or some other mandatory service, probably calling it a social program. The Democrats will side with drug manufacturers and the insurance industry. Things really look bleak for the old-style liberals who depended on the Democrats to maintain hope of successfully implementing their nuttiness.

I don't worry about it too much. Empires rise and fall through the passage of time. The basic ideas stay the same. So when the Democrats rise to power and are sending their "foreign aid package" into down town Tehran late at night, I won't be surprised. You shouldn't be either, especially if you live in Tehran at the time.

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