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Return of the Marshlands


Category: politics

I was watching my local evening news on KCRG TV-9 when they told about the marsh lands in Iraq. This is extremely good news. Let me elaborate.

There is very little useful land in Iraq. That land which is useful is in the marsh lands. When Saddam was in charge, he drained the marshlands for industrial purposes. It?s not that the industrial purposes couldn?t have been done somewhere else; it was just more profitable for the bastard to do it there.

Anyway, the news folks at KCRG say that much of the marshland has recovered. That means the ecological damage caused by the Saddam is being repaired. It also means that the indigenous marsh people may actually survive. (They were hard pressed during the former regime.)

Anyway, I think it?s happy news. I like nature and I like the idea of nature repairing itself.

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