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Electing Scoundrels


Category: politics

I have a theory regarding politicians and their apparent lack of morals, scruples, or ability to see the greater good. Put in the simplest form, no one wants politicians with these good qualities. That this is not assumed to be common knowledge is a great surprise to me.

It would seem the typical politician is a sneaky, conniving, scoundrel who is interested in petty projects that will further his or her career despite what it may do to the common good. Through rhetoric and back-stabbing they will make every effort to achieve their ends, sometimes while trying to appear as though they fought the result all the way.

When a person goes to vote, they will choose the scoundrel who is most likely to support which ever petty project to which the voter is inclined. The hope is that your scoundrel is far more skilled than the other project’s crooks. You can trust that your rapscallion will defeat the enemies who may want the nation’s or the state’s resources for some other noble, but less personally important endeavor.

"Why, I’d never make such a selfish choice when I vote. I would vote only for the best person for the job." You may say such a thing, but when was the last time you were upset by a story on the news and wanted immediate action? Did the emotions get to you a little? That’s the time when you want the reactionary scoundrel in office who will lead the righteous in battle against the wrongs of the world. What could be his or her motivation for this noble cause? Do they really believe in it or will they believe in something else next week?

Of course, most people don’t vote. They never feel so strongly about anything that they would be agitated into the voting booths. That makes things even worse. That means that the ones who are out voting in large numbers are the ones who do have an emotional agenda.

Sure, there are some that vote because they feel that it is their civic duty as citizens. There are even those who will vote because it gets them out of their daily rut for a while. Both of these of these groups are in the minority. The majority of voters are the excited few who have an agenda of their own that does not see the Big Picture or the Long Haul.

It is true that the majority of voters are the ones who are motivated on some small wrong that they see as the cause of all of society’s ills. That tiny problem they see probably effects your life in some way. It may be something that you really enjoy. Unfortunately, you don’t vote and those whackos do.

Who is it, do you think, that the whackos are voting for? Is it the guy who is going to look at the long term, over-all effect on the way of things? Is it the guy who is going to try to give those voters what they demand so that he can get their vote again? Is it the guy that you would vote for? Probably not.

So, the people voting don’t want an official who is going to think rationally. They don’t want someone who is going to listen to all sides and seek balance. They don’t want someone who has ideas different from their own. The voters want scoundrels who will get very specific things done… to you.

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