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Fake ID


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According to this article at KCRG TV, Miguel Farjat of Iowa City was arrested for receiving Fake ID?s and related materials. A federal joint taskforce nabbed him because he tried to pick up a box containing the identification stuff that was shipped to him from Argentina. Kudos to the feds on this one.

Iowan drivers? licenses have several security features. On the back, there is a magnetic strip and a scanable barcode. The front is covered with a clear plastic that has embedded holographic foil in a regular pattern. These things make it very difficult to make fake licenses. The box sent to Mr.Asshat Farjat contained fake licenses with these features. It also contained extra of the clear coating with the foil.

The concern with the fake ID?s is that bad guys can use them to get into places they couldn?t otherwise go. For example, al Qaeda punks could pretend to be allowed into the United States and waltz right in. That?s why the anti-terrorism folks were in on the arrest as well.

Farjat quickly admitted that he was guilty and that he had unlawful plans for the ID?s. That?s probably a good idea, considering? If he didn?t admit to his criminal enterprise, they would have to treat him like he might have terrorist links. Who wants the anti-terrorist people interrogating you when you can just admit to be an old-fashioned hoodlum with organized crime ties? I hope the anti-terrorist people talk to him at length anyway.

Let this be a lesson to those who would bring this crap to Iowa. We don?t put up with it. We are not densely populated and we will notice if strangers come to town and start trouble. Furthermore, we will quickly, if politely, stop you in your tracks. If you?re really lucky, you will be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. If you?re unlucky, you?ll annoy some farmer who wants to save some money of hog feed.

So let?s recap. Bad guys stay in Chicago. Good guys feed hogs with regular, commercially available hog feed.

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