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The Government is not External


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I get plenty of online publications from the larger political parties in this country. It?s just fun to keep up with what the whackos are on about. Every once in a while something gets my attention. That?s what has happened this time.

I got a thing from the Libertarians. It kept referring to the government as some external, many-tentacled entity from some dark dimension. Oh, the horror of it all as this hideous thing reached out to devour everything in its path till there is no light left in the universe. Run for your life!

Of course the only way to combat this is for all of us to pull together and form some sort of organization where we pool our resources and handle threats. Hey, wait a minute; that sounds like they want to form a government.

You see, government is not some external thing in this country. We have a democratic republic where people can get involved pretty much to the degree they want. The problem comes from the fact that most of our citizens won?t actually get involved. I?ve heard many people say things such as, ?I?m not interested in politics. That?s so boring.?

I?ve got news for the average person. If you don?t get involved then laws are influenced mostly by the extremists who do care about politics. That?s the only thing that is wrong with our government. If the average person would realize that is his or her duty to be involved, even if at the neighborhood level, then we would have considerably fewer of the kinds of problems we have. (Instead we would have different problems, but that?s beside the point.)

In the introduction to Thomas Paine?s Common Sense, he describes a process where greater organization is needed as populations increase. From his point of view, with which I generally agree, government is only bad when it does not serve the population. A government is still needed to keep the peace and to assist the citizens through establishment of rules. (Beyond the introduction Paine just rants about how King George is a doodie head.)

So the lesson is: stop seeing the government as an external thing but as an organization to which you belong. You have an obligation to yourself and a duty to your community to be aware of what is going on and to speak your mind as best you can. Besides, it?s more interesting than anything you?ll find on the Fox network.

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