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White Supremacists


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The Democratic National Convention starts today. That means it's time for all the nuts to come out of the woodwork. No, actually I'm not talking about the Democrats themselves but some other nuts. According to this article, there have been threats made against the convention. The people making the threats seem to be morons.

The group responsible for the some of the threats is called Volksfront, a name of Dutch origin meaning "People's Front". They are white supremacists. They believe the Democratic Party represents the interests of too many non-white peoples. Despite their website's claim, the article says they have a history of murders and other violence.

I've met quite a few people like these over my years. I've seen my share of violence from morons who feel that white people should band together to defend themselves against all the other races. In all cases, the arguments have been so full of logical holes that it amazes me that everyone can't see through them.

To make matters worse, these people tend to use symbols from the ancient Germanic world called Asatru. Why is this worse? Well, there is a small but friendly group of people who adhere to the old religion of that region. Those symbols are part of the faith. The religion is about as egalitarian as it gets and has no mention of racism in it.

Members of this religion cannot wear their symbols in Germany, one of their native regions. German law prohibits almost all of their symbols because the Nazis used them. The Nazis weren't even part of that religion; they were purging non-Christians. Still, this religion can no longer be openly practiced because of things they didn't do.

There is a similar thing involving American culture. Do you have an American flag? If so, do you support the KKK? Most of you don't, and yet you show their symbol. That's right, the KKK use the American flag as one of their symbols. Does that mean everyone who uses the American flag is in line to be Grand Dragon, or what ever they call themselves? Probably not.

When a smaller group, such as the Asatruar, has their symbols maligned, they rarely have the tools needed to keep the press from running with a sensationalist story. One bad guy with a Futhark Rune on his hat can commit a crime and the news people will vilify the entire Asatru community. Why? Because it's newsertainment.

Actually, you probably won't know when you meet an Asatru person. They are pretty much hard working, honest people. The religion requires the work ethic and reliability that makes them good employees. I've met plenty who work at the nearby Rockwell Collins plant (a major employer on the Cedar Rapids area.)

So remember, when you see groups of white supremacists, make sure to point and laugh and call them retards. Sure, it's offensive to persons with mental disabilities, but it's the only way to get through to the morons who think they need to defend whiteness.

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