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Saddam Homeward Bound


Category: politics

In the June fifteenth Cedar Rapids Gazette they ran a story from the AP about Saddam Hussein returning to Iraqi custody to stand trial. The US guy was kind of vague about the whole thing but the Iraqi fellow was firm on the occurrence. They will be getting him back and they will be dealing with him.

I support the Iraqi sovereignty. It's a great idea. I might make one little suggestion to them. They may want to keep Saddam held in another country. I'm thinking maybe Sweden or some such.

Why would I make such a suggestion? Maybe because there are still Saddam Loyalists running around armed in Iraq. Maybe they would love to break their leader out and try to put him back in power. Perhaps some of the people who have been shy about supporting the new government out of fear of Saddam's return will be even more shy if Saddam returns.

It's ok though. If everything goes to crap over there after we leave, well, that's their problem, sort of. Sure, the absolute chaos would provide a breeding ground for terrorists and all sorts of other trouble. If the Vatican is right about George W. being the Anti-Christ, then things will be going according to plan. (Note to Self: Get horse saddled up.)

On the other hand, if Iraq's new government were to hold the trial in a European country, especially with the help of the world community, it might add some legitimacy to that new body. They could look all cosmopolitan and modern. They could broadcast the trial and subsequent execution over television in Iraq. When the bad guys try to blow something up, maybe it could be something in France. A terrorist blowing up France saves us the trouble.

It's good that Saddam is going to trial. Hopefully he'll get a fair trial and execution. Hopefully it'll take the steam out of some of Saddam's homeboys. Hopefully it won't be a step closer to the end of the world.

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