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On Tuition Hikes


Category: politics

I'm appalled that the regents of the University of Iowa are constructing a new building while complaining that tuitions have to be raised to keep the school funded. This behavior borders on criminal and is at least unethical. This sort of mishandling of funds can not go unchecked. The UofI has announced that they will be building a new structure at a cost of $1.7 million. This building will house a visitor center and an admissions office. I can only assume that the admissions office is much smaller than the current one. With proposed tuition hikes, there will be less need for admissions.

By what stretch of the imagination can this project be seen to have any validity during these times when the state has insufficient funds for needed projects? What asinine thought process could compel a group of supposed "learned" individuals to expend this much money on a luxury?

It is the responsibility of our elected officials to call these money-wasters to task, hold them accountable. We must not only stop this project but we must also take steps to let future regents know that this is unacceptable.

"But it's not state money, it's school money," they say. Hogwash! There is no state run school that is not part of the state government. As such, there are no state run school funds that are not the funds of the people of the state of Iowa. If these people believe that they are somehow separate from the rest of us, especially during this time of economic difficulty, then they need to be taken down a peg. They obviously don't understand that they are employees of the people.

Also obvious is that they have forgotten the purpose of the state run universities and colleges. That purpose is to teach our citizens. Like most Iowans, I want our schools to have a good reputation. That reputation must be built on academic achievement and not on pretty buildings. It seems our regents have missed this point.

I urge everyone to contact all of his or her elected officials and put a stop to this atrocity. If we band together we can put an end to the wasteful spending of these ivory-tower clowns.

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