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Chicago Strikes Again


Category: politics

Those Chicago Terrorists are at it again. An article in the July 3, 2004 Cedar Rapids Gazette tells us that a citizen of Chicago has been found guilty of First Degree Arson in Waterloo, Iowa. He stole a truck to drive to the scene of the crime, doused the house in fuel and then threw a firebomb into the house. Fortunately, the residents escaped safely.

What is with these Chicago people? What is so fundamentally wrong with their brains that they would consider this to be acceptable behavior? If this sort of thing keeps up, we'll have to start checking identification when crossing the Mississippi River in order to keep these fiends out of the rest of the world.

Why won't our government do anything about that retched place? President Bush claims to be at war with Terrorists, but I never hear him mention Chicago. John Kerry says he wants to turn the focus back into the U.S. but he doesn't mention Chicago either. If you want to insure votes from Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and other states that have to put up with the threat of Chicago, tell us that you'll solve this problem once and for all. Put an end to the Chicago menace!

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