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The McCain Affair


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The media are all atwitter today with the prospects of blood in the water. It's just a small amount of blood, or possibly Ketchup, but it is enough to get them going. This is, of course, about presidential hopeful John McCain.

Apparently the New York Times ran a story in which some unnamed sources and one named source claim to have once talked to a lobbyist because they felt that her presence may make it look like the suggestion of an inappropriate relationship with Senator McCain. The McCain election people immediately came back to say the story was crap. They also pointed out that the Times had earlier picked McCain as their choice for Republican Candidate.

I only have two points to make on this brouhaha. First of all, even if there had been an inappropriate relationship, this is not really a problem. We are talking, after all, about a United States Senator. It is a greater surprise when a politician isn't having affairs. If this is the worse that comes out about McCain it isn't too bad.

Secondly, it is always possible that this is the New York Times' attempt to get McCain elected. Though the Times has a reputation for being on the liberal side of the fence, they may be trying to give McCain a boost in the upcoming presidential election. They are trying to make him look more president-like by giving him something in common with Democrat iconic presidents John Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Yep, if it can be shown that McCain loves the ladies and they love him back, many Democrat-leaning independents will line up to vote for him.

There is no real way that the Times article can hurt McCain.

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