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Nato's Troubles in Turkey


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NATO is having a little trouble these days and it is centered on sending defensive materials to Turkey. These materials would be in preparation for possible war and are defensive only. Some nations, however, are getting in the way of these preparations.

France, Germany and Belgium have decided that NATO should not send defensive materials to Turkey because it may look too much like there is already a war going on. They claim that, in the name of a diplomatic solution to the Iraq problem, the world should avoid anything that may seem hostile.

Their logic is obviously flawed. To use their reasoning, one should not have a fire extinguisher because it makes it seem like there may be a fire. They would argue that one should wait until there is actually a fire, and all attempts at reasoning with the fire have been exhausted, before purchasing a fire extinguisher. Anyone can see the problem with this asinine strategy.

Why are these countries trying so hard to defeat the world? Do they really think that the war won't eventually happen? Do they believe that any type of violence anywhere will cause their countries to fall? I understand that point. The last two major wars in Europe were pretty tough on France and Germany. Frankly, they got their tushes stomped. In both of those wars, it was the U.S. with its ally Great Britain who moved in and saved the day by destroying tyranny.

Yet the world has forgotten so quickly that it is the U.S. and Britain that have interfered and protected the freedoms that those whiners enjoy. Could the French protest any kind of war if they were still under the Nazi regime? Now that we want to free another people, the French are the first to jump in the way.

It's time for these little countries to grow up and realize that war happens and it is necessary to the survival of the species. War happens and will continue to happen for as long as life exists. War will happen again and being unprepared does not prevent war! Let NATO protect Turkey from the possibility of war or other violence!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: In Iowa, where I'm writing this, it is against the law to encourage someone to commit suicide. If it were not, I would probably recommend that the people of France and Germany take a lesson from Jonestown. The lesson learned could ease their fear of war.

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