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I Have Been Slack


Category: politics

Wow, I can't believe that it has been a little over three years since my last post to this website. Since the last post covered my mortality, it could have left people wondering a bit. I know it left my hosting provider wondering, and wanting to be paid again. In the interest of saving money, I've decided to move the site to someplace much cheaper. In doing so, I noticed my negligence.

In the intervening time since I donned the mantle of LibertyBob, things haven't been going very well. We are in a presidential race where neither of the presumptive major party candidates are very appealing. In addition, I'm hearing people blame the current president of every calamity since the dawn of man. This is not a good situation. I should probably do something.

Slow down a minute; I'm not throwing my hat into the ring for that job. I know better than that. If the job was imperial god-king for life it would be a different story, but I don't want to be president. A person would have to be nuts to want that. Instead, I'm going to suggest that all sane people try to find an alternative candidate and start working on the mother of all write-in campaigns to get a sane person elected.

"But Your Grace, where ever would we find such a person?" you ask.

That's a mighty good question. We need to find someone who has strong leadership skills, isn't a total jerk, and does not belong to an existing political party. It should be a person who understands law, economics, and media in the technological age. This person will probably have to be Christian in order to be agreeable to most voters in the United States. We should probably try to find a good Methodist; they don't seem too hostile toward any of the other denominations. This person should probably a third or more generation American citizen so we don't have to put up with those birther morons.

That really limits things quite a bit. If such a person actually exists, he or she is probably hard at work doing something useful and is not really worried about running for office. That makes this a real challenge. So, like any good Internet challenge, I want you to run with it. Figure out who you think would be a good candidate and start pushing them to the forefront. Tell us who it is down in the comments so the rest of us can know as well.

If we all pull together, we may be able to find someone who really should be in the Oval Office.

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