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That Clarke Guy


Category: politics

So I'm watching Meet the Press and Mr. Richard Clarke is being interviewed about his book. He is a former White House guy who is now complaining about how the Bush administration dropped the ball on the September 11th terrorist attacks. This leads me to several observations.

First, regardless of whether he is right or wrong, Clarke came across as a real jerk. Just attitude and more attitude. He answered any question of correctness in his book with by saying it is "character assassination." Actually, most everything he said was about him. It reminded me of the Muppet® character Beaker: "Me me me me me me me." I really wanted to just smack the guy.

I realize that his job dealt with terrorism. I also recognize that terrorism is an important issue. He seems to be complaining that the White House didn't drop all the other tasks for which it is responsible so they could pay absolute attention to him and his issue. I, for one, hope the White House doesn't stop doing all of its other duties just for terrorism.

Neither defending nor attacking the Bush administration, I have to say that the search for blame in the 9/11 attacks is misplaced. Though terrorism is an issue, it's not the biggest issue. I stand by my contention that I am in more immediate danger from some idiot reading while driving.

Finally, there is only one place for blame in those attacks and that's the terrorist retards that committed the act. People who want to place blame elsewhere need to grow up and get on with it. Focus the energy on stopping the terrorists who are still out there and who still pose a threat. Of course we should place even more effort on stopping idiots from driving while reading (or eating, talking on the cell phone, rubber necking at imaginary things, generally being stupid, etc?)

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