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I am Going to be Annoyed


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I believe I'm going to be annoyed Friday morning. There are already school closings in scheduled in the area, just to avoid the hassle. (Read KCRG's article here.) One block from my apartment sits Noelridge Park. Friday, President George W. Bush will be campaigning there.

It's not that I have anything against him, but I do hate all this campaigning crap. I never liked pep-rallies in high school, why would I like them now? Now, because the candidates think Iowa is a swing state, I'm probably not going to be able to get into my apartment and take my nap.

Neither candidate has been saying anything new or useful. They just keep spouting off the same old rhetoric. Sure, any communications expert will tell you that repetition is the key to making people remember your message. The trick is, you have to have a message.

The Republicans are pretty much going to vote for Bush. The Democrats are going to vote for Kerry. These two goomers really don't need to waste time and air reiterating their tired old messages. They need to say something different that will actually mean something to the Undecided Voters.

I would love to see either of the candidates walk up to a centrist voter (like me) and say, "Here's why the middle of the road guy should vote for me." Then, I want the list of reasons to be based on a sound economic and military plan fashioned with Reason. It would be nice if I could then push the button on the ejector seat anytime one of them mentioned their opponent.

During the Viet Nam era, both major party candidates served in the military. Some people have said that their behavior while serving disqualifies them. I want the people saying this to shut up so the rest of us can talk about actual issues. Likewise, I want people to shut up about the reasons we went to war with Iraq. During the actual decision, most of Congress went along with it. Did Bush lie or was he just wrong? I don't care!

All the candidates can spout off with whatever agenda they want to push and it doesn't matter that much to me. Congress makes laws. Presidents do not make laws. Sure, the president can make recommendations, but that's completely different. We need Congress People who actually do a little reading before voting. That's not a presidential issue.

So, because the candidates can't say anything to make the centrists lean one way or the other, I get to try to make my way through traffic and security late Friday morning in the vain attempt to get back to my apartment. Will that swing my vote? Nope, it'll just make me think that Secret Service funding needs to be reduced until candidates are more comfortable in their own surroundings.

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