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I don?t post too often about things going on elsewhere on the web. I figure you folks are clever enough to find what you need; after all, you found Well, this is important enough to make an exception.

I strongly recommend the site The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania produces this site. They are very respectable. The function of the site is to verify presidential campaign ads.

That?s right; they verify the claims in the ads! They do all the research in as an impartial way possible. Not just one camp or the other, they go after all the ads on both sides. They look at the claims made, give the advertiser a chance to explain the source of the info, and then do independent research. The result is a detailed description of the true and false parts of the ads in question.

If you get a free moment, I strongly recommend a visit to that site. Not only is it entertaining, but you may just learn something.

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