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One People One Nation One Leader


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There is a common theme in the Democrat speech making that I would like to discuss. No, I don't mean the fact that many liberals would compost there own mothers to remove all weaponry from the United States. I'm talking about the desire for unification.

At first it was just Obama proclaiming that there should not be red states and blues states but should only be states (that vote for him). Then came the big split between the Obama-ites and the Clintonians in the Democratic Party itself. Now the two leaders of that party are calling for unity within the party to help win the election.

With all these calls for unity, I would like to recommend a new slogan. I would like to see this slogan painted on all of Obama's tour busses. It should be printed at the top of all of his fliers and brochures. It should be on all the banners and web sites. That slogan?

One People, One Nation, One Leader

I think this sums up nicely the spirit that the party seems to be claiming. It would help bring them together the people of the nation (except those whom they do not approve). They will finally get their gun control policies into place. They will be able to strengthen oppressed people through increased joy. They would make the nation more child friendly through the new Obama Youth program.

With the increased unity and happiness, they may make other nations uncomfortable. After all, Mexico and Canada do not have such a level of unity and happiness. People in other countries tend to think of themselves as a different people with a different nation and a different leader. This does not fit the One People, One Nation, One Leader paradigm.

Such a successful plan is sure to get plenty of press in those other countries. Newspapers in Britain and France would talk about it. It would be easy to imagine the German newspapers talking about "Ein Folk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer". Yep, the slogan would be widely discussed everywhere.

Now, I only have to find a way to get the Democratic Party to start using the slogan. It would amuse me greatly. Don't think that I'm trying to support the Republicans with this plan. When I'm done here I need to get the Republicans to stand up and defend the Workers from the bourgeoisie.

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