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Linn County Auditor Revisited


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In an earlier post I mentioned how an associate tried to get me elected to the position of Linn County Auditor. He actively pursued a write-in campaign, threatening, cajoling, and bribing potential voters. The results are in.

Write-in votes are always tallied last unless there is some reason to believe they matter. In this case, the incumbent received about eighty-six thousand votes and the total for all write-in votes came to just over one thousand. That led me to believe my chances weren?t good.

Kenneth, my campaign manager, harassed the current auditor to ensure that the results would be released. You can find them here: County Auditor Results. This was notable enough that our local ABC affiliate, KCRG, had a story about it: The Other Names on the Ballot.

The total number of votes for ?Bob Trapp? was six. If we also count the one vote for ?Bob Tropp?, an assumed penmanship issue, it brings things up to seven. As a matter of fairness, I will also claim the nine votes for ?Anyone Else?. That brings the total up to sixteen. That?s not too bad, Kenneth.

Mickey Mouse beat me, like he always does. I attribute this to the fact that he is an international movie star and my theatrical work isn?t well known on this planet. I could proudly claim that I got more votes than Sarah Palin, but everybody did that this election.

Now that all of that is done, Kenneth is hard at work on the next campaign, at least, that?s what he said the money was for. He?s not sure if he and his co-conspirators compatriots will try to get me elected governor or president next. As long as they don?t get me arrested for sedition or anything, it should be entertaining.

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