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Stimulus Package


Category: politics

You've probably heard the news; Congress has passed the stimulus package and Obama is scheduled to sign it. Whether you support or oppose the bill, you better hope it works. Anything else and you would be a real moron.

The Republicans will make, and have made, a show of opposing the bill. That's as far as they could go. If they killed the bill, the Democrats could easily blame any further economic problems on Old, White Men. As it goes, the Republicans made enough of a show that they can distance themselves when things go wrong, without being too far if things work.

Given our current financial system in this country (on this planet), some sort of stimulus package is needed. We've balanced everything out so that the unregulated things were able to throw the system out of whack. This doesn't mean that I agree with this particular package.

The main problem is that we aren't addressing the real problem. Our culture places no value personal responsibility or productivity. For years now, people have used credit to buy crap. Not only are they not buying things to make themselves more productive, most of the crap they buy cuts into their productivity. Unless the stimulus package involves re-educating millions of Americans to believe that work has value and that beer commercials are not real life, that package just isn't going to solve anything.

The package will, however, give money to large corporations. That sort of makes the populace investors in those companies. The difference between us and the regular investors, we can always decide that the CEO is a traitor and then strap that CEO to a table and inject a little poison. Sure, that smacks of socialism, but it makes for a funny image.

Regardless of one's opinion of the bill, we have to hope it does some good. I don't think it will have any long term benefit unless the economy was going to swing upward anyway. However it turns out, at least it may stop creepy guys from asking women, "Hey, wanna see my stimulus package?"

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