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Following North Korean Boats


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The US military is all atwitter about a North Korean ship, the Kang Nam (North Korean for something rude), which may be carrying illicit weapons to illicit places in an illicit manner. Such transport violates United Nations sanctions and rules about what North Korea can and cannot do. I can't imagine why the Kim Jong-Il would not fear the U.N. (You can read a full story here.)

Most of the worry comes from the belief that North Korea will do one of two things. Either they will sell nuclear warheads to bad guys, or they will get close enough to Hawaii to launch a missile. Both of these seem to be unwanted by us Americans.

I guess I'm not too happy about bad guys getting the "Bomb" any time soon. I don't know why they can‘t just use one of the ones they found in Pakistan or when the Soviet Union collapsed. On the other hand, maybe they would go after Paris (the city, not the blond) but I doubt it.

My understanding is that North Korea's missiles haven't bee too successful yet. For that reason, I don't worry about that so much. We've got tracking equipment all over the Pacific with a particular eye trained on the Kang Nam (still rude) just in case. Even if they hit Hawaii with a nuclear weapon, what kind of damage could it cause to a massive volcano in the Pacific Ocean? It's not like it would start a tsunami or anything, much.

There will come a point where we will just have to get the South Koreans to start broadcasting more propaganda into the North. Kim Jong-Il won't last forever and as soon as he croaks, that KFC is going to be looking mighty tasty. We will defeat him the same way we defeated the Soviet Union, with caffeine and blue jeans.

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