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Review of the Last Debate


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Ok, so I watched the final debate. All of you always turn to for all your political understanding, so I figured I better post something about it. Here goes:

The obvious winner was Kerry. It makes sense; Bush has trouble speaking without a script. The theme was set early when Kerry claimed Bush once said that the president didn't care where Osama bin Laden was. Naturally, Bush denied this. There's a problem here.

I've actually seen the commercial, run by some anti-Bush group, showing tape of Bush in a press conference and saying that he wasn't concerned with Osama bin Laden's location. In Bush's defense, I have seen two separate Death Stars™ destroyed by that Skywalker fellow (whom the Imperial News called a terrorist). It's always possible that the video was faked, but it didn't look it.

When I say that set the theme, I meant that Bush was on the defensive the rest of the night. Too often he responded poorly, almost saying, "nuh uh" like a kid. The smirk he wore also suggested immaturity.

The smirk was another issue. I've encountered plenty of low-end liars. You know the guys. They're the guys who can tell you that they weren't out sneaking around somebody else's property the night before something that got broken. They smile as they tell you an unconvincing story. I'm not saying that Bush was actually telling fibs; he just came across as such a guy.

Though the President made some good points, his delivery was so poor that it was hard to give him any credit.

Of course, Kerry did some bad things too. His primary mistakes involved economics. The most notable thing he said was that he disagreed with Alan Greenspan. I'm sorry, but if you're going to disagree with a The Master, I'm going to consider you wrong until very clearly proven otherwise. Economics is a science and, though many people don't like what it says, it's hard to argue with the math.

Still, Kerry did the same thing that Cheney did in the VP Debate, that is, look professional and competent. I've heard plenty of people say they wished that Cheney and Edwards were the Presidential Candidates. That speaking well and looking credible goes a long way. In this debate, Kerry was the only one to do it properly.

The winner: Senator John Kerry.

The loser: probably us.

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