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Prison Guard Shootout


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By now you?ve probably head about the prison Guard Shootout that happened in Florida on Wednesday. (Read about it here.) Basically, some guards were trading contraband for sex with prisoners. When the authorities came to arrest the guard, the guards resisted and there was weapons fire. One of the arresting officers and one of the losers got killed.

You might be wondering why there would be a shootout for such petty crime. Well, the answer to that question is easy. These guards obviously thought it was normal for prison guards to sexually abuse prisoners. If they were convicted, they would, therefore, become the abused. One can only imagine the horror going through their minds of being regularly sodomized and called ?Shirley?. The response, of course, was violence.

In the future, it would be best if female prison guards watched over female prisoners. Also, it would probably be best to arrest the offending guards when they are off duty and less likely to be armed. The optimal arrest scenario is to invite them each to an award ceremony where the ?Honor Guard? is fully armed with rifles and the invitees are unarmed. Of course prison guards, like all government officials, should face execution for any felony because abuse of office is always to be interpreted as an attempt to incite rebellion.

Most prison guards are doing fine. The task they perform is an important one for society. It is appreciated by LibertyBob and by all ?Right Thinking People?. Thank you, Correctional Personnel, for the fine job you do.

As for these fellows who abused their positions, I can only hope the batons have splinters where they are going.

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