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Bush and Border Patrol


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I think I have Bush?s Border Patrol Plan figured out. It all makes so much sense in the right light. Let me explain.

First, presidents always have their mind focused on their legacy, you know, how they will be remembered. Bush will have some concern about how future generations will think of him. Historians thousands of years from now will have to deal with him.

Secondly, many of Bush?s critics have said that Afghanistan and Iraq will turn into a quagmire. They say it will be just as bad as the war in Vietnam. They also complain that Bush spent his Vietnam War service in gulf coast states (Texas and Louisiana).

Third, Bush has been complaining a lot about illegal immigrants. Sure this complaining detracts from the legitimate problems of his administration, but there?s another reason. All this rabble rousing is to set the stage for troops to be sent to the Mexican border.

Finally, the presence of National Guard and Army Reserve troops in the south at the same time that we have our troops in those other engagements makes it seem like all three deployments are somehow related. This is the key to the whole plan. Surely, you see it by now.

In a thousand years, when our records are a little more confused, the historians will look back and mix things a bit. To there eyes, during the Vietnam (or Vietnam-like) quagmire war, troops were deployed to the south were Bush served. Later in life, after military service, Bush became governor and then president. This misunderstanding will have played into Bush?s hands. People will finally stop thinking of him as political flotsam and, instead, be seen as a man.

Yep, it may take millennia, but someday people may think Bush was a leader of some sort.

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