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Liberal Fears


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I've overheard some Democrats who are concerned about the Republicans having control of all three branches of the government. They cite the way the Nazis took over the German Republic back in the thirties. Well, I have a few thoughts that should allay your fears, dear liberals.

First of all, as liberals often point out, Republicans like money. They support big business. If that's the case, you don't have to worry too much. No matter how much you like Big Business, those businesses can't do much without consumers. The Republicans have to keep the Americans productive enough to buy stuff and pay taxes. This concept puts a limit on what the Republicans could do.

Secondly, all groups tend to polarize. Even if the Republicans seized power, they would still have to deal with internal struggles. That means that after all the Democrats are tried for sedition, and thus are felons not allowed to vote, there will still be choices within the Republican party on which the rest of us vote.

Third, though many of you have worried about the Religious Right having too much say, they will be limited. There are far too many forms of Christianity for any of them to ever come to power again. It would take very little to set the Baptists against the Lutherans with the Catholics and Methodists waiting on the sides to finish off the victor. One of the nice things about zealots is that they also like to be martyrs, and the sooner the better.

Finally, if one party has to take control, one would prefer that it be the Republicans. See, when any group overthrows the government like that it incites rebellion. With the party that supports the NRA doing the overthrowing there will be much easier access to assault rifles for the average citizen. If the Democrats took over you couldn't say that.

So you see, dear liberals, you really don't have anything to worry about. Unless the Republicans do really take over in a coup that removes the Constitution, you'll have your chance to balance things out in two years. If you want to get a bunch of people elected to congress, however, you might try nominating likeable people who can actually appeal to the middle of the road voters. Much of Senator Kerry's votes came from anti-Bush people. Can you imagine how well he could have done if he was a good candidate?

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