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The Future of Sarah Palin


Category: politics

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin resigned her position. She now goes forward with the rest of her career. Many people wonder what she will do in the immediate future.

Much of her time will be spent defending herself against charges of ethics violations from her time as the governor. Though this may take quite a bit of time, others assume that the investigations will slow now that she is out of office.

More people believe that she is preparing to run for president in 2012. This is a bold move for a member of a party that still seems to lack leadership and direction.

In the more immediate future, though, some speculate that within a month she will be banging a pot and its lid together while marching back and forth in the kitchen chanting, "Look at me. Look at me. Everybody, look at me." The rest of her career will depend on the number of people who look for an extended period of time. If the number is great, you may get the chance to voter her into office. If the number is not so great, you may get a chance to voter her off the island.

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