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If Gandhi Could Do It


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I tend to take my own council on political issues. I easily point and laugh at all sides when they do stupid stuff. There?s just one thing that keeps getting on my nerves and I can no longer help but interfere. For a very specific reason I have to point out that Kerry?s advisors are too retarded to help on the flip-flop attacks. Here?s why.

Though I apologize for not remembering the source for this story, the story is a good one anyway. Once, a British officer challenged Mahatma Gandhi. The officer claimed that Gandhi said one thing at one time but then, more recently, had changed to another stance. The peace guru responded, ?My dedication is to truth, not to consistency.? It may not have been those exact words, but you get the idea.

Here we have a tale about a person whom Liberals everywhere claim as a hero and he provides them with an answer to the most common attack against the Democratic Party?s candidate for president. It?s not just a good answer, but it is wise and comes from a respected historical figure known around the world. Can Kerry?s people help him use that answer? Apparently, they cannot.

Despite his lack of experience, I still think the Democrats would have been better off with Edwards as their main dude. Since many Republican politicians started off as lawyers, they would not have been in a good position to attack his past. That?s just my opinion, though. Since they chose Kerry, they really should be trying to get him elected. So, Senator, here?s some advice from a centrist fellow who is just embarrassed for you.

  1. Use the Gandhi answer about the flip-flopping. Explain clearly, or have Edwards do it for you because he?s a better public speaker, that you must adjust your position based on the needs of the nation and not on stagnant, party dogma.
  2. Give up the ?I have a plan but I won?t tell you unless I get elected? thing. It makes you seem like a four-year-old. If you have a real plan to benefit America then you have a duty as a patriotic Senator to reveal it and try to get it implemented regardless of who the president is. If I have a plan that benefits my community, I will gladly give it out because I love my community, not because it will benefit me.
  3. Challenge Bush?s actions on the tragedies befalling the Sudanese people. That gets very little news coverage and W hasn?t lifted a finger to help those folks. If it?s genocide, call it genocide and be done with it.
  4. Remind people that the state has a vested interest in education because it is a capital investment. Also, remind them the school vouchers destroy the ability to maintain our public schools. Point out that the people who want school vouchers either can afford expensive prep schools or are religious extremists who want to siphon money from public schools regardless of the harm it does to children. Tell us centrists that you will work to get rid of No Child Left Behind.
  5. The Republicans are actively recruiting for Nader because they hope he will drain the Liberal votes from you. Well, Republicans often lose votes to Libertarians. All you have to do is have one debate with Badnarik (an un-electable name) and you will have legitimized him enough to make a huge dent in the Republican base. You?ll also tend to pull the Conservative-leaning centrists toward the Libertarians and away from the Republicans. It?s not as if they were going to vote for you anyway.
  6. Finally, remember that your base will vote for you just to get rid of Bush. They aren?t the ones you need to convince. Talk to us Middle of the Road people and tell us something solid and new. Giving us the same speech you made before will just annoy us. Try to say something WE will find useful.

I?m not writing this because of any real love of the Democratic Party. I don?t belong to any party. This writing is here only because I can?t stand to see somebody doing so many foolish things when the answers are so clear. Do yourself a favor, Senator Kerry, get rid of your supporters who are telling you how to campaign and hire campaign professionals who don?t care about your policies and only want to get you elected. Anything else would be stupid.

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