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Arafat Sick


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The violence in Israel is of great concern to many people. The concern increases as Palestinian leader Yasar Arafat is treated for serious illness in France. As bad as things may have been during Mr. Arafat's time, will it get worse if he is no longer in charge? How will the United States react?

Many people (visit the Probligo) wonder why the United States keeps sticking up for Israel. Though it is true that many Palestinians have become suicide bombers attacking civilian tickets, their wrongness never excuses the Israeli human rights violations. (Hey Palestinians, either stop blowing stuff up or at least pick military targets. We're more sympathetic when you don't target women and children.) When the rest of the world has condemned Israel for their oppression of the Palestinians, the United States has backed Israel unwaveringly. Why is that?

Put simply, it's because the United States is a Christian country. Despite our claim that we have no official religion, it is common for Christian politicians to push Christian specific policies with a wink about how they're being fair. Here's an article from my local television station that makes the point that even mellow Iowa has this inclination.

Don't get me wrong; this is still a rather free country. However, there are times when the fundamentalists are loud enough (or numerous enough) to get their attention. The Israel thing is an example. Many Christians believe that Israel is the Holy Land and it's better off in the hands of Jews rather than Muslims. That would be fine if the Israelis weren't violating the stated Christian beliefs in peace and brotherly love.

The article I noted above says that Evangelical Christians believe global war with Israel is one of the signs of the end of the world. If that were the case, why would they defend one side over the other when both sides are wrong? Get a clue, people.

There are only two cures to the violence in Israel. The first is to realize that both peoples live there and the democratic republic must be one-person-one-vote with no laws asserting one religion over another. The second way involves a bright flash and some very active Geiger Counters.

There you have it. The United States needs to get out of Israel and be done with it. If they are committing human rights violations, we must condemn them. There can be no other reasonable response.

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