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Watch Out for that Dome


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I can think of a really good reason for Hezbollah to be extra careful about their missiles in Israel. There is the possibility that ?they? might ?accidentally? hit the Dome on the Rock.

You may have noticed some qualifying quotes in the previous passage. Those quotes are there for a reason.

There are many Christians who believe that the Temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt before Jesus can return. That?s one of the reasons that the United States has been a supporter of Israel for so long (despite the human rights abuses.) There is a belief that Jews in the Holy Land are an important ingredient in Apocalypse Stew.

Why not just rebuild the Temple? Well, the Muslims would not appreciate that. You see, one of the most Holy places in the Islamic world is the Dome on the Rock which just so happens to sit on the location of the Temple. In order to rebuild the Temple, the Dome would have to be removed, probably destroying the Holiness of the thing. (No need to discuss how much this smacks of idolatry.)

If the more aggressive Christian sects, and the Israelis who would like to remove the Dome, did a little conspiring, they could get rid of the thing and blame Muslim militants for the act. If a rocket similar to the ones used by Hezbollah came from an area near the Jordanian border and hit the Dome, only the Muslims could be blamed for this tragic act. Since all that?s left is a crater, some reconstruction would be in order and what a pleasant place to build a Temple.

Keep in mind that I?m not advocating this activity. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Zoroastrians: they?re all the same to me. (I do get a giggle whenever the Zoroastrians mention their deity, because I think of a used car dealer. ?Come on down to Ahura Mazda for the best deals on a used car.?)

I have always shad the belief that the average person pretty much just wants to go to work, provide for his or her family safely, have good friends, and die (eventually) having led a good life. Sure, it might be nice to be unbelievably wealthy, but that?s just icing on the cake. Most people, regardless of religious upbringing, don?t want to go around engaging in armed conflict and will not do so unless they do not feel safe and comfortable. The key to peace in the Middle East is to take the few who want to engage in combat out of the area and let those who want to live peaceably do so.

Unfortunately, those few are enough to increase tension and remove safety and comfort from the general populace on both sides. That raises the level of conflict. It is only the lack of technology that has kept these people from completely exterminating each other. Of course, that may be the only realistic option for peace, it is sad to say.

In any event, things will continue to be violent there. There are too many people stuck in their ancient ways. The key is a thorough education. It ain?t going to happen.

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