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O Martha


Category: politics

It's official, Martha Stewart has been found guilty. They say she obstructed justice and lied to the government. All of this over some investing stuff that wasn't worth a drop in the ocean of her empire. Oh, well.

I guess my question comes up with the lying to the government part. It was my understanding that one could not be forced to incriminate oneself because of one of those pesky Constitutional Amendments the government hates so much. Now, if a person has done something wrong and then chooses to lie about it, which seems like the expected behavior, shouldn't that Amendment prevent prosecution for the lying bit? Maybe that's just me.

Still, I wonder how long she'll get in prison. The sentencing is on June 17th. Everybody has already made all the jokes about the decoration of her cell and how she can make a shiv out of a pinecone and an old doily, so I'll forego that. The really obnoxious have made jokes regarding Martha's trading value in cartons of cigarettes or what her new girlfriend will look like. OK, that made me giggle a little.

In any event, it's always good to see justice done. By doing actual justice, we preserve our Liberties. (Poorly executed attempts at justice by the self-righteous or otherwise mentally impaired causes us to lose our Liberties.) Martha has that aged hair that will go good with a gray prison jumpsuit. For her sake, I hope they don't put her in orange.

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