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Election Results 2008


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The election is over and there is a clear winner. The country has elected Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America. This should be interesting.

This was not a close election in any sense. According to the map over at the ABC News Web site, in almost every state the split was about 60/40. The so-called battle ground states tended to be a little closer than that, but in general the 60/40 split applied. This means that the states that chose McCain really chose McCain and the states who chose Obama clearly meant Obama. I don't think anyone can claim that this election was robbed from them, unlike previous elections.

Despite the nature of the splits in the individual states, the overall count of electoral votes shows a clear victory for Obama. This demonstrates a clear desire to get rid of Bush and anyone associated with him. It may also show support for having Bush deported to his "native" Myanmar. We will have to look into that later.

Much is being made of the fact that Obama is our first black president. As a member of a minority myself (anyone looking at my blue eyes can see my Choctaw heritage) I can appreciate the excitement. In all seriousness, it is cool that race was not enough to keep this man out of the White House. Of course it also reflects the fact that we still use the standard that any black ancestry makes one "black" regardless of the ethnicity of the other ancestors. We should probably work on that,

Now we will have a Democrat President and a Democrat Congress. This is just the thing the Republicans need to bring themselves back into power, at least a little, in the next election. Since life takes effort and most Americans believe that if their life isn't like illustrated in the beer commercials then someone is to blame, the Democrats will be to blame. Republicans can claim that they have little to do with any of it.

On a local note, I still haven't seen any results for the Linn County Auditor seat. I must assume that, since the local papers didn't call, the write-in campaign was unsuccessful and I should probably plan on going back to my regular job this morning. My primary campaign coordinator will have to review his procedures and smack a few people around. Still, until I get official numbers I will not make a concession speech.

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