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Cheney and Obama are Related


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I read the news today; oh boy. (Article here.) It seems that current Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential candidate Barack Obama are related. For reasons unknown, this gives me a chuckle.

The article says that they are either eighth or eleventh cousins. That doesn't change the first image that popped in my head. Imagine the scene where Cheney and Obama are standing on a wind-swept tower. Cheney reaches out his hand toward Obama and rasps through his mask, "Barack, I'm your father."

The article linked above also cites an earlier release from the Obama camp that says Obama and President Bush are also related by some distance. That made me start to worry about things. If Obama gets the democratic nomination, which way will Jeb Bush adjust the Florida voting results? Will he support the Republican or will he back family? That's a pretty tough call.

None of it matters, of course. I've been to Arkansas and points south. I've heard some really messed up people. If a black man or a woman of any color gets elected to the presidency, there will have to be way more security than we use now to protect the president. There are some real nuts out there who will feel that it is their duty to God and country to put an end to such a leader. The good news is that most of the ones who would pose a real threat can barely read or do math.

Some may notice that my political posts this election season have been focused mostly on Obama. This is due to the fact that I don't like to go for the easy jokes and most of the other candidates have just made it too easy. At this point I am not actually endorsing any candidate; though you are always welcome to write in "LibertyBob".

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and make sure I am not related to anyone.

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