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Independence Day 2004


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Happy Independence Day! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Independence Day is an American holiday celebrated on 4 July.) This post is a little bit early but I'm planning a busy weekend of study, research, and chasing women. With any luck, it will also include catching women and related activities.

The holiday takes place on the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776. This is the document that early American colonist leaders sent to King George of England telling him to get stuffed. Since kings don't like that sort of thing, a war broke out. A few years later the war was over and the United States was born, sort of. It actually took quite a few years to get everything straitened out.

Americans celebrate this by taking an extra day off work and drinking too much low-grade beer. Most communities have organized events including bands and fireworks. In many places, personal fireworks are illegal because too many people hate Darwinism. The organized community fireworks are always more impressive any way. (Note: none of the danger or illegality prevents all the kids in my neighborhood from firing off bottle rockets and other explosives at three o'clock in the morning for the next couple of months.)

The holiday usually does involve some introspection, like most drunken weekends. It's a time to ponder what freedom means and why we must be willing to be responsible citizens. It's a time to think about the way we are perfectly free to discuss our views of the parentage of our elected officials. It's time to think about how we can gripe without actually thinking or knowing anything about what's going on and the only thing we really have to do is think about voting on what ever day that is.

This year we need to take an extra moment and turn to Iraq and say, "Welcome to the club. Now the real work starts." I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

As for me, I try to think of these things a little more often. You can't spell LibertyBob without Liberty. I usually have a copy of the Declaration of Independence in my pocket (right next to the Constitution). I pay attention to these things. It's important. It's not my whole life, but I know it's always there in the background. Hopefully, you think about it too.

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