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Kurdish State


Category: politics

While perusing the web for news, I came across this story on CNN. Immediately I had to check it on ABC and found this. The stories say that the Kurds in Iraq have petitioned to become a state in the United States. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

They say they would feel safer as part of the American republic rather than the Iraqi republic. I guess I can understand that. I live in Iowa and I feel pretty safe. Actually, being a state is a great thing! (hear that Puerto Rico and Great Britain?) I guess the question is: What's our policy on this sort of thing?

I know that U.S. territories can try to become states when they've jumped through the appropriate hoops. What happens when a foreign group wants to join up? Won't this destroy all our work to create an Iraqi Republic? Won't they call us imperialists? Do we really want to be that involved in that region?

This one has really thrown me for a loop.

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