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Presidential Candidate Fictions


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The following are some little-known fictions about our presidential candidates. Please read, enjoy them, and pass them along without mentioning that they are fiction.

Mike Huckabee was born Michael Fredericks but changed his name in his early twenties hoping to someday own and operate a chain of family restaurants.

The Ku Klux Klan opposes the election of Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she is married to a black man.

John Edwards is the result of genetic experiments using bits of John F. Kennedy scraped off a street in Dallas.

Barrack Obama is from the planet Vulcan.

Mitt Romney goes by a shortened name. His real full name is Oven Mitt Romney.

John McCain is convinced that bar magnets have a middle pole.

Rudy Giuliani has a plan to get all the nation?s cabs to run on time and smell better.

Ron Paul has never read page two of the Constitution.

Mike Gravel was once heard of somewhere outside of Alaska. A technical support specialist swears he once got a call.

Bill Richardson believes that as much as New Mexico is better than Mexico, he can make New York that much better than York.

Fred Thompson is running for president because he lost a bet. He admits that it was a stupid bet, but grass will make you believe that the sun can rise in the south.

When billionaire Trump needs a new toupee, they use Chris Dodd as a model.

Somebody once said that Dennis Kucinich has a chance of being elected to the office of president.

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