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Do Not Vote


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You'll hear it everywhere; you need to vote. The television tells you to vote. The print media tells you to vote. Annoying people calling your cell phone while you're having dinner tell you to vote. It is your duty, your privilege, and the only way to keep them from winning. The only thing to be asked: should you vote?

The most correct thing to do is to gather all the information about the politicians and the issues and then make an informed decision. You should take the time to learn enough civics to understand what the government is and the responsibilities of the positions for which you are voting. You really need to know what you are doing before doing something as important as voting.

You may think you have a fair grasp on what is going on because you've seen the advertisements and the debates. The bad news is that those advertisements are biased to be in favor of whoever paid for them. The other bad news is that the debates are not real debates and there is no real value to be gained from them. This is not the way to gather the unbiased facts you need to make an informed decision.

Another thing you will hear this year is that you should vote early. Again there are advertisements and there are people going door to door trying to get you to cast an early vote. Remember that when the Democrats are trying to get you to vote early, they are trying to get more Democrat votes. Likewise, the Republicans are hoping for a Republican vote. Both parties know that many of their less-reliable, more casual supports may be too lazy or disinterested to go to the polls on Election Day. The party that can get more lazy voters to vote early gains a great advantage.

Why is it important that you understand what is going on before voting? That's simple enough to answer. Imagine that a person in your district is intelligent and has the time to study the issues and make an informed decision. What happens if your un-informed vote cancels that person's vote? In that case, you've just mad things worse for you district or, in the case of the presidential election, the whole world. Do you really want to risk damage to the world just so you can pretend to be a responsible citizen?

So, I beg you on behalf of all that is rational and good; please do not vote unless you really know what you're doing. The country you save could be your own.

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