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Picking on Liberals


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It has been suggested that I pick on liberals and Democrats a little too often. This leads many to believe that I’m a Republican. That’s a False Dichotomy, that is, the fallacy of thinking that there are only two choices when there are actually plenty more. I’m in the more category.

Sure I pick on liberals; who doesn’t? The more radical members of that group are so loopy that they shout gibberish at the top of their lungs with the slightest provocation. (Start shouting the slogan as you move further back in the crowd. Slowly alter a word or two to see who takes up your modified slogan.) Granted, there are plenty of perfectly reasonable liberals out there, but those aren’t the ones who stand out in neon fashion. I myself am very liberal on many social issues.

The problem with picking on the conservatives is that they usually aren’t funny. This is really true in the case of the conservative extremists. Take the ones who shoot at abortion clinics as an example. It’s hard to make jokes about those morons. Of course, one of the biggest problems with the Republican party is the religious right. They are not a laughing matter. They may be just as whacky as some of the liberal extremists, but they are far more dangerous.

The far right tends toward the extreme Christian side of things. They are the last dregs of those who brought you the Inquisition and witch burnings. These are the people who slaughtered native peoples in new lands in the name of bringing them salvation. They are the ones who elected the Nazis into power in Germany. These are not funny people. The only reason the religious right haven’t tried to take over completely and force their religion on us is that we have a good education system and we outnumber them severely.

So if you think I pick on hippies a little too often, just remember that there is a reason. I will try to pick on conservatives when they do things that lend themselves to picking. (Note: I have a hard time trying to write the “lines” of the religious right without them all sounding southern.) Yes, I know Bush is simple but that’s just a bit too obvious and gets handled wonderfully by Frank J over at .

So try not to take it too personally when I point out the logical flaws in some liberal’s argument. Just enjoy my warped and limited sense of humor. In the mean time, get a haircut and a job, you filthy, hippy freaks.

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